About Us

                                Why Investing with Home Sweet Home is a Great Choice

Home Sweet Home Investments is a Nevada based Company offering a complete Turnkey service to American investors as well as overseas clients.  Our mission statement is to help motivate and inspire more people to become financially independent by investing in real estate.  Real estate investments have been very good to us since we began investing during the 1980’s and we believe it can do the same for you.

For most people who work full-time, it is simply not practical to spend the necessary time to obtain education, choose a real estate investment  model, set up the investment vehicles and perform the due diligence necessary to earn great returns at low risk.  Typically, many of the best opportunities lie in different states or regions because optimal  conditions for investing, including housing prices, rent levels, and the  local economy, vary greatly across different areas of the country.  Therefore, the amount of time involved makes it impractical to invest with strong returns at low risk.  This is where Home Sweet Home Investments saw a unique opportunity: to create a company that performs as the Turnkey real estate expert so investors do not have to.  Ultimately, this leads to confidence and peace of mind because our clients do not have to spend unnecessary time, money or energy to figure  out the formula for success.

In order to remove the obstacles of investing in real estate, we know that we need to make it easier for people to have access to good deals and  have the means to hold on to these properties for the long term.  Our solution is to locate only the best Turnkey real estate suppliers as our Business Partners across America.  We carry out vigilant due diligence on these companies to ensure they are quality Suppliers, who provide reliable Turnkey properties.  We also ensure that their Property Management Team is competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy to look  after your assets.  All of our suppliers have proven time and again to be  the best in their field.   


 We Believe in Complete Transparency 


At Home Sweet Home Investments we strive to bring our clients directly to the source, where the deals are being made.  We want to be able to help more investors worldwide become financially independent.  We do not charge our clients a fee in any of our Turnkey transactions.  Our Business Partners simply pay us out of their profit.  This system helps them to focus on what they do best -  locate, negotiate, create and manage great real estate deals for you.  There is no mark up on the purchase price on our end.  Properties we bring to your attention are wholesale properties.  This means our Business Partners get them directly from the source at a super low price.  They then carry out cosmetic renovation to improve the property value and make it suitable for renting out.  You then receive the property at a wholesale price with  a great return.  So, you end up getting a bargain property with lots of equity and great cash flow.  It is a win-win for all parties.

Leveraging  our well-rounded experience and expertise, we have created a powerful  model that allows any investor, whether a novice, a seasoned pro or a bulk buyer, to create passive income wealth in the real estate market.  We strive to deliver fully renovated, income producing and  professionally managed property to investors all over the world.

Home  Sweet Home Investments is the premier resource for real estate  investors.  We have conducted meticulous evaluations of emerging markets to uncover premium real estate locations and prime US investment  opportunities.  Analyzing those locations yields optimum deals reaping  the largest profits. Our focus is on Turnkey Cash Flowing Properties  with the element of growth and appreciation.


 How We Function

At Home Sweet Home Investments, we believe that Better Properties and  Better Management lead to a Better Cash Flow.  We have access to numerous Turnkey investment properties.  However, we hand-pick only those that we believe are the best from every aspect.  If we are not comfortable with a property and will not purchase it for ourselves, then we will not present it to our clients.  Real Estate is all about Location.  There are  better locations than others that exist throughout the US that are poised for growth and capture cash flow.  We provide you the Market Snapshot of these great Locations.  We keep a list of the up and coming investment cities in the country, so when a certain city shows us, through statistics, it is on its way to becoming a premium investment area we share that city with our clients.

Better Properties:  Many Turkey Investment Companies focus on low-end properties simply because they are easier and cheaper to acquire.  But such properties often offer a lower return due to higher maintenance costs, collection problems and lower appreciation over time.  At Home Sweet Home Investments, we focus on mid-range properties that can demand higher rent payments, attract more dependable tenants, and  truly increase in value over time.

Better Management:  All of our Turnkey Business Partners are experts in acquisition, renovation, financing, and property management.  Both of us are hands-on managers who enjoy building personal relationships with everyone from  the mortgage companies to the tenants.  We know our chosen markets, so we  know how to maximize cash flow in good economic times and bad.  We know which neighborhoods to be in and which ones to stay away from.

Better Cash Flow:  Never buy for appreciation only - it is just an extra bonus.  We wait for the right deals and select quality properties at below market value  to create instant equity for you.  Our Partners renovate these properties to maximize their value, which allows them to find quality  tenants, creating immediate cash flow.  Our Partners also maintain the properties to high standards, which results in happier tenants, and  happy tenants mean less turn-over.  The result is a steadier cash flow as well as a higher resell value.

Simply put, better properties and better management equal better returns.  The formula is simple, but the work is hard and the time commitment is significant.  That's why we are here. We know that you want someone to handle all aspects of your real estate investments.  With Home Sweet Home Investments all you have to do is sit back and collect your checks!


 Our Social Mission 

At Home Sweet Home Investments, we are guided in our work by a strong sense of social responsibility.  Conducting business with honor and integrity is central to our core values. Through our efforts, we create safe, affordable and decent housing, frequently for people who have been disadvantaged in some way.  Besides building a good reputation with our investors, we also seek to have an equally good reputation with all of our Business Partners and other Associates.  We have personally bought, renovated and sold hundreds of properties in the last 30+ years.  Our team and resources have been developed over the last three years in the Turnkey rental business and we are proud to offer you the most lucrative Off-Market Investment Properties in the Country.

Because Home  Sweet Home Investments is a Private Boutique Real Estate Investment Company our goal is to help Investors, large and small, get the most out of their Capital.  

Our clients include Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, REITs, Small Investment Groups 

and Individuals.  We source mostly in the Sweet Spot.  The Sweet Spot occurs where the relationship between Purchase Price and Market Rental Rates produces the Highest Cash Flow possible. 

                             "IF  BETTER  IS  POSSIBLE  -  GOOD  IS  NOT  GOOD  ENOUGH"