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Home Sweet Home Investments is the Premiere Real Estate Investment Company in the Southeast, Midwest and Texas markets specializing in selling true Cash-Flowing, Off-Market, Turnkey Single Family Residential Properties (1-4 units) to investors both locally and internationally.


Home Sweet Home Investments is a Boutique Brokerage who represents Owners of Single Family Rental Property throughout the Southeast, Midwest and Texas.  If you are an Owner/Seller, Asset Management Company, or Financial Institution we can assure you that your property will be given all the attention it needs to be promoted to an array of proven Turnkey investors in your marketplace.  If you are a First Time or Seasoned Investor, we will make sure that we do everything we can to help you find your initial or next investment property(s) to add to your portfolio and will give you the guidance and support that is needed throughout your entire buying experience.

Our goal is to make real estate investing easy for our clients through our various investment programs.  We realize that the world of real estate can be complex and intimidating and that there are many perceived barriers.  Our aim is to take away those barriers so that our clients can be successful investors.  We not only offer real estate deals and analysis, but provide our investors with an array of financial services,  if needed, tailored to each individual investor’s financial situation.

We take an ethical and conservative approach to investing and we strive for the best return on investment with the lowest risk.  We have extensive knowledge of the current real estate and lending markets and have developed long standing relationships with our many Business Partners - we have been investors ourselves for over 30 years.  We, also, understand that property selection is extremely important and we have very strict parameters that all properties must meet - starting with Cash Flow.  All of our available properties generate cash flow returns of 6% to 18% or greater and are discounted 10% to 25% of current market value depending on the area and price of the property.  Our clients not only have great positive cash flow, but built-in equity right from the close of escrow. 


Why Invest in Turnkey Rental Property

In the world of real estate investing, Turnkey rental property is more popular today than ever before.  The majority of real estate investors do not have the time nor the expertise to look for and evaluate REO/Foreclosure properties, hire contractors to rehab them, monitor the quality of the contractors work, advertise for and screen tenants, and manage the property. This is not a trivial undertaking and for those with little knowledge and experience this can be a daunting task with the high probability of failure.  In the current state of the market, all of the available foreclosures and a large pool of renters are only some of the reasons why so many people are choosing a buy and hold strategy.  The high demand for quality rental property drives up average rental rates, making Turnkey investing even more profitable. Since the need for rental homes is high, owners are far less likely to experience vacancies and that makes it easier to bring in a steady income month after month.  

However, when investing in Turnkey rental properties everything is done for the investor, from selecting a good property where the “numbers” make sense to rehabbing and placing a tenant in the property with a one or two year lease.  It also includes having a professional property management company in place that will manage the property on an ongoing basis. Savvy investors know that real estate is a great way to build real wealth and with rental property they have multiple income streams that are increasing that wealth:
     Equity Capture on Purchase
     Cash on Cash Return (ROI)
     Property Appreciation
     Principle Pay-down (tenants payoff your property)
     Tax Benefits (write-offs, deprecation, etc.)

With all the advantages from Turnkey investing, it’s no surprise that more investors than ever are taking advantage of this solid strategy.  Income producing property is being purchased by investors at rates we have never seen before.  The low price of foreclosures and the heightened demand for rent-able units lets investors make a smaller initial investment and receive a return on that investment every month through passive income.  Working with a team of experts makes Turnkey ownership a truly hands-off approach to real estate investing. Plus, having expert  know-how on your side means you will have the security that comes from experience as well as the support you need to make your investment a continued success.

                        How You Can Dominate the Turnkey Rental Market with Us

                            Our advantage is based on simple leveraged techniques      

                       designed to generate much higher returns at much lower risk:

Buying In Advantaged Markets:  We negotiate premium deals in markets that provide a 

built-in advantage to the real estate investor - an aggressive growth market where  

economic indicators show appreciation potential and a stable market with low property 

prices and high market rents that maximize the potential cash flow margin.  This way our

clients can keep their money in the most advantaged real estate markets regardless of

where they live.

Buying Off-Market Investment Properties at Prices and Terms Not Available to the 

Public:  Our ability to refer multiple buyers to purchase their ow property from the same 

owner/seller is an incentive for the owner/seller to offer everyone a better deal because 

the owner/seller can move more property in less time and save substantially on 

advertising, marketing and other overhead.  This is how we are able to consistently get 

discounted prices and favorable term that would not be attainable by an individual buyer. 

Our clients start with an advantage and make money when they buy.  

Turnkey Investing - Not Landlording:  We build and maintain a full team on the ground 

in every market where we structure a deal, including professional property management 

options, so our clients can comfortably invest anywhere.  Accelerated wealth building 

requires avoiding the trap of landlording.

Using Us to Locate the Best Turnkey Property:  Traditional methods of buying rental properties are extremely time consuming for the individual investor.  Since we do all the 

initial market research, negotiations, deal structuring, and identification of preferred 

lenders and property management options, our clients have the time to  design their 

lifestyles and pursue their dreams. 


Buying Turnkey Rental Property in Bulk

The least expensive way to buy real estate in today's economy, without exception, is Bulk Sales.  A Bulk Package is multiple properties grouped together for sale.  This package can be anywhere from 5 to 500+ depending on the Selling Source. Sometimes they are grouped together by State or City and sometimes they are scattered across the Country.  The majority of these packages are usually REO's  from Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds or Government Entities.  These packages are often called "Lists" or "Tapes" and are usually purchased  "as is" with no repairs or warranties.  The exception to this is when it is a special Turnkey bulk package where every property if fully rehabbed, tenanted and managed.

Home  Sweet Home Investments offers our seasoned investors the opportunity to purchase Cash Flowing Turnkey Rental Property in Bulk Packages of 5 to 100 or more at one time, depending on the availability.  These packages can be composed of properties within the same city or different cities.  Most of our packages are special orders compiled specifically for each investor according to their explicit needs.

                            We Offer the Following Real Estate Services

Property Analysis:  Neighborhood, market value, renovation, cash flow, and   

expected return analysis.

Property Acquisition:  We walk our clients through the close of escrow and 

review all loan and closing documents to assure they are provided accurate and  

fee reduced acquisitions, if needed.

Local Network:  Our services include a network of inspectors, contractors, 

property managers, title and attorney/escrow agents, loan agents and 

appraisers to assist along the way, if needed.

Property Management:  Most of our Business Partners own their own property 

management companies in the city they do business in, so you know your 

investment is in good hands.  


The Current 8 Best Turnkey Rental Markets in the Country

The US offers over 350 distinct and diverse markets, while most media pundits characterize the "housing market" as if it were a single entity.  We realize they do this to drive a cogent comment into a simple sound  bite.  Real estate cannot be described that simply.  It is just not accurate.  There is NO  such thing as a United States real estate market.  However, there IS an Atlanta, GA, a Kansas City, MO or a Dallas, TX real estate market.  Therefore, we search the entire country and select the most suitable and sensible markets to recommend to our investors so they do not waste countless hours doing it themselves.  It is in these markets that you can minimize risk and maximize your annual return.

Knowing where to find the most Lucrative Opportunities is the first step in achieving greater Cash Flow:

     •  Atlanta, GA - - 8% to 14%

     •  Memphis, TN - - 8% to 14%
       Birmingham, AL - - 9% to 16%

     •  Indianapolis, IN - - 10% to 16%

     •  Kansas City, MO - - 10% to 18%        

     •  St. Louis, MO - - 10% to 18%                               

     •  Dallas, TX - - 6% to 12%  

     •  Houston, TX - - 6% to 12%

Our team has over 30 years of expertise in real estate property acquisition and has earned widespread recognition in the real estate specialties of  design, construction, renovation and management.  If you are ready to get into the game of Real Estate Investing or you are already an experienced Real Estate Investor looking for your next great investment  properties, we are here to help!

Please email or call us at 702-369-8399 to learn more about the exciting investment opportunities available and to find out how we can help you build your portfolio and achieve your financial goals.